WhatsApp Rolls Out New Interface for Community Info Screen

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Interface
WhatsApp Rolls Out New Interface

WhatsApp is constantly rolling out new updates for its users. Recently, WhatsApp also brought the feature of editing messages and sending video messages in chat. But again, on August 10, 2023, WhatsApp Rolls Out New Interface for Community Info Screen, with the help of which users running communities’ groups will be able to interact with their group members.

In today’s article, we will discuss this topic in detail and learn that WhatsApp Rolls Out New Interface for Community Info Screen. Along with this, we will also know what benefits users can get from this update and how this community info screen will work. So, let’s start the article.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Interface for Community Info Screen

WhatsApp just said that they’re putting out a new look for the community info screen. This new look will help the people in charge of communities to take care of them better. And the folks using it can also find out about the communities they’re part of more easily.

The new community info screen is an easier and friendlier way for both admins and members to see and take care of communities on WhatsApp. It has three sections: Overview, Rules, and Members.

Overview tab:

The Overview tab gives you basic info about the community like its name, description, and purpose. You can also see who the admins and moderators are.

Rules tab:

The Rules tab shows the rules that everyone in the community should follow. This helps both admins and members make sure everyone behaves well and the community stays nice and safe.

Members tab:

The Members tab has a list of all the people in the community. You can see their pictures and status too. This helps admins know who’s in the community, and members can find others who like the same things.

What else is changing in WhatsApp communities?

Apart from the new community info screen, WhatsApp is also making several other changes to improve its community’s feature. These changes include:

  • Making voice chat rooms for communities: This lets members talk to each other more directly and spontaneously.
  • Creating polls for communities: Members can now vote on important decisions for the community.
  • Adding more admins and moderators to a community: This makes sure the community is well-run and everyone is treated fairly.

How does the new community info screen benefit users?

The new community info screen brings several advantages for users, which include:

Easy to use: The updated design is much simpler to navigate compared to the older version. This makes it effortless for users to locate the information they need about a community.

Better visibility: The fresh design ensures that users can easily discover and join communities. This is because the community info screen is now more prominent within the WhatsApp app.

More engaging: The new design is more interesting for users. This is because it comes with various new features, like the ability to pin posts, make polls, and mute members.

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