WhatsApp Lets iPhone Users Share Music on Video Calls

WhatsApp Share Music Calls
WhatsApp, the leading messaging platform owned by Meta, is constantly adding new features to help businesses connect and communicate with their customers.

The most popular messaging platform is currently testing out a new feature for iPhone users. WhatsApp lets iPhone users share music on video calls to create more fun and better virtual experiences.

In this article we will tell you about how WhatsApp lets iphone users share music on video calls. We will also tell you about new features that will soon roll out on WhatsApp.

How Is This New Feature Helpful For Users?

Basically, the new WhatsApp feature lets iPhone users share any audio they play on their device with other participants during a video call. This way, it can make WhatsApp video calls more exciting.

For instance, you can let your friends play some of your favorite songs in the background of your video call while you share screens.

Additionally, there’s also a sneak peek on WABetaInfo at an upcoming shared music audio feature that may be enabled by activating hidden features currently under development.

What’s The Limitation Of This Update?

According to the report, voice calls can’t be made with this feature on WhatsApp and video calls also fail when video is turned off. WhatsApp launched screen sharing in August this year.

Group work has been made easier by screen sharing on WhatsApp, as it allows documents to be shared and presentations to be demonstrated.

The video call screen-sharing function of WhatsApp is a convenient tool for presentations during meetings and assisting someone in a task.

New WhatsApp Features Coming Soon

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would allow users to post updates from their WhatsApp Status directly onto Instagram, similar to how Instagram Stories are posted on Facebook stories currently.

Nevertheless, it’s not clear if this feature which was seen in an Android app beta is yet fully developed. Its inclusion in beta implies that it will be published soon despite the absence of any release date.

This specific feature aligns with Mark Zuckerberg’s broad vision of making all Meta apps cross-platform-compatible.
Some features are being released by Meta while others are still in progress.

By “mid-December 2023”, the messaging aspect of the platform which was introduced three years ago so that users can send messages between Instagram DM and Messenger will cease.


In this article we discussed how WhatsApp lets iphone users share music on video calls. The upcoming feature that allows iPhone users to share and listen to music during WhatsApp video calls.

This marks a significant step forward in the platform’s ability to facilitate interactive and engaging virtual experiences. This feature also aligns with Meta’s virtual world vision.

This feature opens up a world of possibilities for connecting with friends and family, whether it’s sharing favorite tunes, listening to new music together.

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