WhatsApp Has Started To Test A New UI With New Colors

WhatsApp Started New Colors
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WhatsApp is anticipated to make changes with the goal of achieving a new look. The messaging platform owned by Meta has begun rolling out the new UI to a small group of Android beta testers, which is a step in the right direction of enhancing the user experience. In this article we will tell you about WhatsApp Has Started To Test A New UI With New Colors. We will also tell you about the upcoming changes in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s New UI Design To Roll Out Soon

The WhatsApp for Android update includes the redesigned UI, which is currently being rolled out to a small group of beta testers. New icons and choices that look more contemporary are the result of this. The WhatsApp logo, the “new chat” icon, and even for the various sections of the app all contain hints of the app’s new theme colour, which is green.

The app will highlight a specific section when you are in it with green hues, as shown in the screenshot. Both the app’s light and dark modes now have the updated appearance. As WhatsApp is bringing the design changes for both modes, this is actually a pretty good thing. For a better understanding, see the information below.

What Will Be The Impact Of The New Changes?

For many people, this change will be welcome, and it will also likely make getting around much simpler. WhatsApp has been working on changes, and we anticipate similar ones for iOS users as well.

The precise date that WhatsApp decides to make the same feature available to everyone is still up in the air. As you may remember, WhatsApp for iOS recently received new action sheets and a transparent navigation and top bar.

Along with these updates, WhatsApp is also testing new icons with more colour options for the share sheet menu and a new group chat event feature that will enable you to schedule events in groups to keep track of occasions that affect all of the group’s members.


In this article we discussed WhatsApp Has Started To Test A New UI With New Colors. A new user interface (UI) for Android that substitutes a white top bar for the recognisable green top bar is currently being tested by WhatsApp. New icons and a slightly modified shade of green for the accent colour are also part of the redesign. The new UI has a simpler, more refined overall design.

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