WhatsApp is testing to block screenshots of profile photos

WhatsApp testing block screenshots
WhatsApp testing block screenshots

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta, is serious about privacy. And in this series, WhatsApp is testing to block screenshots of profile photos. The feature is only available to some Android beta testers as of now, but it may be coming to everyone soon.

When it’s comes to user privacy, WhatsApp always comes with a great feature. That’s why WhatsApp is testing to block screenshots of profile photos. If you want to about this feature, please read this article. Let’s Start!

WhatsApp is testing to block screenshots of profile photos

5 years ago, WhatsApp removed the permission for users to save profile pictures of others. This move went some way to protecting user privacy, as it prevented downloading and sharing of individual images without the owner’s consent.

However, it was still possible to take screenshots of such photos, which weakened privacy protections. After installing the latest WhatsApp beta Android update, it has been revealed that WhatsApp is introducing a new privacy feature to block screenshots of profile photos!

The App is testing a new feature which will stop taking screenshots of users’ profile pictures. This feature is currently available for select beta testers, but it may be rolled out to all users in the future.

How WhatsApp block screenshots of profile photos Feature works?

When a beta tester tries to take a screenshot of another user’s profile picture, he or she sees a notification that reads “Screenshot can’t be taken due to app restrictions.” Additionally, a black screen may also appear in place of the profile picture.

However, it’s worth noting that this feature only prevents screenshots inside the app. Users can still take a screenshot of the profile picture using another device or camera.

Benefits of WhatsApp new feature

There are many benefits of this feature. First, it will give users more control over their profile pictures. If they don’t want their photos to be shared without their permission, this feature will help them prevent that from happening.

Secondly, this feature can help prevent abuse. For example, it can be used to prevent a user’s profile picture from being used for online harassment or bullying.

Ultimately, this feature can help users feel that they are more secure when using WhatsApp. Knowing that their profile photos are secure, users can feel more comfortable and use the app more freely.

Limitations of WhatsApp new feature

However, this feature also has some limitations. As mentioned earlier, this will only prevent taking screenshots within the app. Users can still take a screenshot of the profile photo using other devices.

Furthermore, this feature does not allow users to control who can see their profile photo. It will still be visible to everyone, even if they’re not in your contact list.

Finally, this feature does not guarantee that your profile picture will not be misused. There may be other ways people can share your photo online, even if they can’t take a screenshot of it.

This new feature of WhatsApp shows the seriousness of the company regarding the privacy of users. However, this feature is not completely secure and some users may find it annoying. It will be interesting to see how the company develops this feature

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