Third-party chat management feature in WhatsApp beta update

WhatsApp beta for
WhatsApp beta for

WhatsApp, the king of the messaging world, is constantly updating its platform and adding new features. Recently, the company had announced that Third-party chat management feature in WhatsApp beta update feature will coming soon on WhatsApp.

To provide more control to user WhatsApp is working on Third-party chat management feature in WhatsApp beta update. Let us know about this new feature in detail.

Third-party chat management feature in WhatsApp beta update

WhatsApp is working on third-party chat information feature to support chat interoperability. T

his feature is designed to display the name of the third-party app from which the chat originated, providing users with transparency and context about their conversations from external platforms.

What is the WhatsApp third-party chat management feature?

The third-party chat management feature will give users control over how they want to interact with third-party chats. This may include the following features:

Turning the Chat Interoperability Service On/Off: Users will get the option to turn the Chat Interoperability service on or off completely. If they turn off this service, they will not be able to send and receive messages on WhatsApp from other messaging apps.

Blocking specific apps: Users will be able to block specific messaging apps from sending messages on their WhatsApp. For example, if you’re bothered by spam messages from a specific app, you can block it.

Hide/show third-party chats: Users will be able to choose whether they want to show third-party chats in their chat list or not. This can be useful for users who do not use third-party chats and want to keep their chat list organized.

How will third-party chats work?

How to implement third-party chats on WhatsApp is still unclear, but according to some reports, it will appear in a separate section.

This section will allow users to separately view chats that come from other platforms.

It’s likely that WhatsApp will use the open-source Signal protocol along with other messaging services to maintain end-to-end encryption.

This means that WhatsApp itself will not be able to read your messages, but it is possible that other messaging services may store your messages on their servers.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Third-party chat management feature


  • Makes communication easier between users of different messaging apps.
  • Allows users to use multiple messaging services in a single app.
  • Helps in DMA compliance.


  • Privacy concerns, as messages may be stored on the servers of other messaging services.
  • The risk of spam and fraud may increase.
  • There may be incompatibilities in features and functionality between different messaging services.

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