WhatsApp is working on the feature of creating group chat events for Communities

Whatsapp bringing Updating Status
Whatsapp bringing Updating Status

If you use WhatsApp Communities group chat, then there is a good news for you. WhatsApp is working on the feature of creating group chat events for Communities that will let group admins and members create events directly within the chat!

This feature will be especially beneficial for those community groups in which people are connected for some common interest or purpose. Let us try to know about this upcoming feature in detail, which includes how it will work, what will be its benefits and till when it can be used.


WhatsApp To Introduce new group chats events feature for Communities group

Features of WhatsApp Group Chat Events feature

How to use chat events features in communites

Users will more engage and do more active discussion by using this feature

WhatsApp is working on the feature of creating group chat events for Communities?

As of now, there is no direct way to create events in group chats on WhatsApp. If an event has to be planned in the group, then information like date, time and location has to be shared by sending a message in the chat itself.

Many times this information gets lost in the chat history or gets hidden due to continuous messages coming in the group.

With the new Group Chat Events feature, admins or members will be able to create a separate event within the group chat.

In this event, they will be able to add things like date, time, location, event description and information about the people attending.

This event will stand out from the group chat and can also be pinned to the top of the group, so it will always be visible to members.

How will the Group Chat Events feature work?

WhatsApp has not yet launched this feature officially, so the way it works is not completely clear. According to the leaked images, a new option will appear in the update of the app, through which events can be created in special community group chats.

These events will be something like this:

  • Every event will have its own name
  • Description of up to 2048 letters can be written in each event.
  • In this you will be able to choose the start date of the event
  • Entering the location will be optional, that is, you can enter it if you want or not.
  • And the funniest thing is that as soon as the event starts, you will get the option to start a video call.

So, suppose you created an event, and people joined it. As soon as it’s time for the event to start, everyone who joined will get a notification to remind them of the event.

The good thing is that these community group chat events will be end-to-end encrypted, that is, only those people who are members of that particular community group will be allowed to view these events.

Benefits of WhatsApp Group chat events feature

The Group Chat Events feature on WhatsApp can have many benefits, especially for community groups where people are connected over a common interest or goal.

More engagement: Community members can now create events for virtual meetings, reminders, or special occasions right in chat. This will increase activity in the community and people will remain connected with each other.

More active group discussions: Thanks to events, everyone can easily participate in related discussions, debates, or collaborations. This will make the community more active and fun.

Don’t miss a thing: The event creation feature will make it easy to remember important meetings or events in the community. Not a single event to be missed!

Let us tell you that there is talk of bringing this feature not only for community groups, but also for general groups, although we may have to wait for some time for this.

Overall, this feature is going to make the community experience even better!

When will the Group Chat Events feature be available?

WhatsApp has not yet launched this feature officially, so it is difficult to say when it will be available.

But, according to some reports, this feature may be launched by the end of 2024 or early 2025. Now it’s only available for Beta tester.

It is important to note that these are just speculations and WhatsApp may decide to launch this feature or not at any time.

WhatsApp Group Chat Events feature for communities can be a useful feature. This feature will help in simplifying event planning and management and will also contribute to better communication in the Communities.

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