WhatsApp is working on redesigned status updates tray

WhatsApp working redesigned status

Every time WhatsaApp updates their features for the users, so that they can use the app Smoothly and without any disturbance. Similarly, WhatsApp is working on redesigned status updates tray. With this feature users can the ability to preview status updates without opening them, and the ability to disable reactions in channels.

If you want to know more about this WhatsApp new update then read the full article of WhatsApp is working on redesigned status updates tray. In this article we will talk about new features and cover other WhatsApp new Updates. Let’s Start!

WhatsApp is working on redesigned status updates tray

WhatsApp is working on a redesigned status update tray that will allow users to more easily see and interact with their contacts’ status updates.

The new tray will make contacts’ profile pictures appear larger, and it will allow users to see when their contacts were online. Users will also be able to send quick reactions by long pressing on a contact’s status update.

How WhatsApp redesigned status updates work?

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, in the next WhatsApp update, users will be able to try out a completely redesigned status bar! This new bar will not only be easier to use, but it will also be more visible when you open the Updates tab, even if it remains at the top.

The specialty of the new design is that now users will not need to open each shared status separately. Because now they will be able to see a larger thumbnail of the previous status directly in the tray itself.

How WhatsApp redesigned feature help to Users?

This new status bar will greatly improve the user experience. Remember when in the update the thumbnail was removed and only the profile picture was shown? Many users did not like this at all. They had to open each status separately to view its content, which made their browsing experience less seamless.

But, WhatsApp has decided to address the concerns of the users. Now in the upcoming update, they will be able to see larger thumbnails of status updates directly in the tray. This will not only save their time but will also let them know which status is worth watching.

WhatsApp Weekly Updates

  1. Favorite Contacts: Soon users will be able to choose their favorite contacts on WhatsApp Web, this feature is still in development.
  2. Channel Ownership Transfer: Android and iOS beta testers now have the ability to transfer channel ownership.
  3. Turn off reactions in channels: Android beta testers can now turn off reactions in channels, which will reduce misunderstandings.
  4. Status update preview: Android beta testers will be able to see a thumbnail of a status update without opening it.
  5. Automatic Reports: Android beta testers get the ability to create automatic reports for accounts and channels.
  6. New channel list interface: Android beta testers have got to see the new interface of the channel list.
  7. Mac Update: Many improvements have been made to WhatsApp for Mac, which will improve the user experience.
  8. Android Beta Fix: An issue with app opening has been resolved.
  9. iOS Update Fix: Fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash upon opening.

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