WhatsApp is working on Verified badge Feature for Business Channel

WhatsApp working Verified badge

WhatsApp, the leading messaging platform owned by Meta, is constantly adding new features to help businesses connect and communicate with their customers. In this regard, WhatsApp is working on Verified badge Feature for Business Channel, it will allow businesses to display verified badges on their channels.

If you want to know in detail WhatsApp Verified Channel Badge Feature, then stay with us at the end of the article.

WhatsApp is working on Verified badge Feature for Business Channel

Remember we told you about the last update (WhatsApp Beta for Android At that time, we had told that WhatsApp will be able to put verified badges on their channels, this is an optional feature.

This feature was being introduced so that the trust and credibility of the business increases. Users will know which is real business and which is fake. This will also put a stop to those spreading scams and misinformation.

This feature is still being developed, but it seems that WhatsApp is busy in making it better. In the recent WhatsApp Beta for Android update, it has been seen that now companies will be able to create fully verified channels.

So, in simple words, now not only the badge but the entire channel can be verified. This will make it easier for customers to find out whether the channel they are connecting to is a genuine business or not.

How will the Verified Channel feature work?

At present, WhatsApp is beta testing this feature and official information about it has not been released. Complete information about how this feature will work is not yet known, but it is believed that some kind of verification process will be involved in it.

However, according to screenshots leaked by WhatsApp feature trackers, it is believed that the feature will be available through the WhatsApp Business app.

If you look at these screenshots, you can see that WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature, through which you will be able to create a complete verified channel for your business! This feature is currently under development and will be introduced in a future update.

The thing to note is that to create this verified channel, you will have to subscribe to the optional Meta Verified plan of WhatsApp. We had told about this plan earlier also, remember?

This is the same plan, by subscribing to which you will not only get a verified badge for the channel, but many other new facilities will also come to your account.

Overall, this new feature will go a long way in giving your business a strong and trustworthy identity on WhatsApp!

Benefits of Verified Channel Feature

  • This will help in increasing brand trust and credibility.
  • This feature will make it harder for scammers to create fake channels and defraud customers.
  • This will promote better engagement with customers.

In this article we know about WhatsApp Verified Channel Badge Feature. The Verified Channels feature for WhatsApp Business is an important development that will help businesses create trusted interactions with their customers.

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