WhatsApp’s New Feature: Alternate Profile To Mask Your Identity

WhatsApp’s New Feature Profile
WhatsApp’s New Feature Profile

Recently WhatsApp has been launching updates frequently. Now WhatsApp is working on another new feature for its users to simplify lives and increase privacy this time.

With the WhatsApp’s new alternate profile feature you should be able to have a different WhatsApp profile for the same account. Security in general and privacy in particular will benefit from this new feature.

WhatsApp Alternative Profile Feature Coming Soon: Details

WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows users to protect their information. The privacy tools for the profile photo will now include the option to hide the profile. Users can choose to have a photo and name displayed for contacts who are not authori to see their main profile.

The “Alternate Profile” feature, recently discover by WABetaInfo (Beta for Android can be accessed through the Profile menu. Users will now be able to create a profile that will only be visible to individuals who are not allowed to view the creator’s profile picture.

Apart from this profile no other information will be accessible to those outside of it depending on your privacy settings. This means that your actual information will not be reveal to any contacts who’re not in your contact list; instead they will only see this alternate profile picture and name.

How Is This Feature Useful?

The new alternate profile feature will enhance information masking and privacy, ensuring that your true identity remains concealed even if you frequently receive calls from numbers in your line of work.

As per WABetaInfo’s speculation, having an alternate profile could potentially simplify the classification process if WhatsApp accounts were to become public in the future.

It is not yet confirm when the WhatsApp alternate profile feature will go live. It is allegedly in development and will be accessible in a later app update, according to WABeta. For some fresh features in the interim, explore the recently introduced WhatsApp Channels.


In this article we discussed WhatsApp’s new alternate profile feature. With the new alternative profile feature privacy can be further enhance . With this feature users will have the ability to hide their identity from individuals who’re not in their contact list or those they prefer not to share their main profile information. This can be particularly useful, for maintaining privacy and also for having profiles dedicate to business and personal matters.

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