“Redesigned Drawing Editor: Introducing WhatsApp’s Latest Update!”

WhatsApp's Redesigned Drawing Editor
WhatsApp's Redesigned Drawing Editor

WhatsApp has recently released a new update. WhatsApp is constantly engaged in bringing new features, so that the app can be made even more useful and fun for the users.

With the update, both Android and iOS apps have got a new design and UI. WhatsApp has made many changes. Recently, Meta’s instant messaging platform is testing a new look for the drawing editor. The company is rolling out a redesigned drawing editor.

At present, it has been brought not for all users but for some selected users. Come, read below to know in details.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature

According to the latest report by WABetainfo, WhatsApp beta for Android update available on Google Play Store has revealed that the company is rolling out a newly designed drawing editor.

For your information, let us tell you that WABetainfo website keeps an eye on the upcoming features of WhatsApp. The news of WhatsApp reported through this website often proves to be correct.

According to a report a while ago, WhatsApp beta for Android update revealed that the company is working on a redesign drawing editor. Changes have been made in the interface to enhance the experience of the user’s fun. With this new update of the app, editing videos and photos has become even easier.

Redesigned drawing editor : The changes in drawing tool interface

The screenshot has been shared in the report of Webetainfo.

Credit – WEBetainfo.com

According to this, in the new drawing tool, a bar is visible at the bottom of the screen for brush and color tools. In the previous update, the color bar was placed at the top of the screen. Which was difficult to access on a large display.

Now in the new update, the interface has been changed by bringing this tool at the bottom of the screen for a better experience of the drawing editor.

These users are getting new features

For your information, let us tell you that WhatsApp has currently put the redesigned drawing editor on testing. It is being rolled out for some lucky beta users as testing. In the coming time, it will be available to all users on a stable version.

The changes being made in the interface will make this app even easier and more fun for the users. Whatsapp is continuously working on its instant messaging app to give a better and fun experience to their valuable users.

It’s already added some useful features that were liked by the users. This redesigning drawing editor update will also enhance the user’s experience.

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