Windows 7 Simu App Review: Make Your Smartphone Computer

Windows 7 Simu App

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time and use the familiar interface of Windows 7? So, Now you can go back in time and use Windows 7 in your mobile. Win7 Simu app gives you the opportunity to do just that. It is an Android app that provides an accurate simulation of the Windows 7 operating system. In this article, we’ll do Windo7 Simu app review and tell you whether you should download it or not.

Windows 7 Simu App Review

Windows 7 Simu is an Android app that simulates the Windows 7 desktop environment on your phone or tablet. This includes replicas of the Start Menu, Taskbar, Control Panel, and even some popular Windows 7 applications like Internet Explorer and Notepad.

You can move icons around on the desktop, open programs, and even perform some basic tasks, like using a calculator or taking notes.

Windows 7 Simu App Features

Authentic Windows 7 experience: The app captures the look and feel of Windows 7 to a great extent. It includes the classic layout of the Start menu, the Aero theme, and even some vintage Windows sounds.

Emulated Apps: The app provides emulations of some popular Windows 7 apps such as Internet Explorer, Notepad, Paint, and Microsoft Word (read-only).

Customization options: You can change the wallpaper on the desktop, apply different themes, and even add or remove items in the Start menu.

Mouse and keyboard support: The app supports Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, making the Windows 7 experience even more authentic.

Pros and Cons of the app


  • A fun way to bring back the Windows 7 experience
  • Light and space consuming
  • easy to use
  • Various themes support


  • Only a simulator, not real Windows 7
  • Will not be able to connect to the internet
  • can’t do any real work
  • Some features are limited (such as file management)

Who is the app for?

Windows 7 Simu app is for those who miss the old days and want to experience the look and feel of Windows 7. It may also be useful for those who want to practice some basic Windows 7 functions, such as using the Start menu or taking notes.

However, it is important to note that the app cannot replace the actual Windows 7. It offers limited functionality and is suitable for entertainment or learning purposes only.

How to download Windows 7 Simu App?

Windows 7 Simu App is very easy to download You can easily download this app through Google Play Store by just following the steps given below.


  • First of all, open Play Store in your mobile.
  • Now search by typing Win7 Simu app in the search bar.
  • After searching, an app like the picture given below will open in front of you.
  • Now you have to click on the install button here.
  • As soon as you click on the install button, the app will start downloading in your mobile.
  • Now you can use this app easily

The Windows 7 Simu app is a fun and nostalgic trip that takes you back to the days of Windows 7. It provides authentic experience and allows some basic functions.

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