Apple is bringing amazing iPad Pro and Air in May

Apple amazing iPad Pro
Apple amazing iPad Pro

It is heard that Apple is bringing amazing iPad Pro and Air in May. Both of these will be powerful models and iPad mini and basic iPad are also expected to be launched by the end of the year. In this way, by the end of 2024, Apple will renew its entire iPad lineup.

If you’re are also heard the rumor that Apple is bringing amazing iPad Pro and Air in May and want to know that what is new in these both models that stay in this article in end.


Apple may launch iPad Pro and Air in May.

M3 chip and OLED display can be found in iPad Pro.

The iPad Air may have an M2 chip and both 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes.

The Apple Pencil may have a “squeeze” gesture feature and the Magic Keyboard may have an aluminum build and a larger trackpad.

Apple is bringing amazing iPad Pro and Air in May

According to recent reports, Apple is preparing to hold a big event in the second week of May. This information has been found in the Power On newsletter of the well-known techno website Bloomberg, which is written by famous tech analyst Mark Gurman.

According to the report, Apple is going to launch new versions of its iPad Pro and iPad Air models. There was no update regarding these tablets for a long time, so this is a big opportunity for them. Now it remains to be seen what new blast Apple makes this time!

New iPads will be equipped with state-of-the-art M chips

According to leaks and experts’ reports, Apple’s latest M3 chip will be seen in the iPad Pro to be launched in May. At the same time, iPad Air is expected to get a powerful M2 chip.

These chips will not only provide excellent performance but will also increase the battery life to a great extent.

Let us tell you that M1 chip was given in the previous models, so you can imagine how tremendous speed and power the new chips of M series are going to provide.

Whether you want to do video editing, graphics designing or enjoy high-end gaming, these new iPads will easily fulfill all your needs.

New design and great display

If rumors are to be believed, this time the iPad Pro may have an OLED display. OLED display offers features like deeper blacks, faster refresh rate and improved contrast ratio.

Apart from this, this display can also be thinner than the earlier models, which will look quite attractive.

There may not be any significant design change in iPad Air, but it can be available in both 11 inch and 12.9 inch screen sizes.

Both models are expected to have landscape front-facing camera, which will give a better experience during video calling.

Changes in Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

It is also being said in some reports that this time a new “squeeze” gesture feature can be given in Apple Pencil. Also, the upcoming Magic Keyboard may come with an aluminum build and a larger trackpad. These changes will give users an even better experience in terms of typing and productivity.

Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air

Okay, but new technology often means having to shell out a little more. Mark Gurman points this out in his newsletter. There is no definite information about the prices yet, but please understand that you may have to spend a little more than the previous models.

Remember, currently the 11-inch iPad Pro starts at ₹799 (US$799), while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at ₹1099 (US$1099).

Although there is a chance of price increase, it is also heard that Apple can also bring a 12.9 inch iPad Air with a larger display, which will not be too heavy on the pocket.

What kind of processor it will be, it is not clear yet – M2 chip or the rumored new M3 chip, this will be known only when the time comes.

So, at the end Apple is bringing amazing iPad Pro and Air in May. Both these models will be equipped with strong performance, excellent display and latest features.

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