WhatsApp is rolling out new interface in India

WhatsApp's Redesigned Drawing Editor
WhatsApp's Redesigned Drawing Editor

WhatsApp has undergone some major interface changes. The instant messaging app, WhatsApp is rolling out a new interface in India. As per reports the launch will carry a new design with its signature green accents to reflect the brand’s colors. This new update is rolling out for Android and iPhone users a like.

Is WhatsApp really rolling out a new interface in India?

These updates appear to be rolling out in India now, despite initial reports about the change appearing earlier this month. It appears that not every user is currently receiving the update.

The layout, colors, symbols, and other elements of WhatsApp have all seen some changes. In a blog post, WhatsApp stated, “These updates provide WhatsApp a fresh, modern interface and make it more accessible and user-friendly.

It may take a few days for the update to reach every user, according to the business, but it will be available to all app users.

What has changed on WhatsApp for Android?

In comparison to Light Mode, which has less white space in the UI, Dark Mode is even darker. WhatsApp now has a different color scheme. To match the brand color, there is a tint of green.

We have seen a shift in the interface of buttons and icons as they appear in new colors and forms. On the other hand WhatsApp said that, “ Their app’s features are now more spread across than they were in the past.”

The bottom navigation tabs now have the WhatsApp logo on them, and the top navigation tabs are gone from the Chats tab. This update has been downloaded to some Android cellphones belonging to The Times of India.

What has changed on WhatsApp for iOS?

Some iPhone users in India have seen similar adjustments, as their screen now matches the brand’s green tint. On the other hand, nothing has changed regarding Light and Dark Modes. Furthermore, navigation controls for WhatsApp on iPhones are already located on the bottom, so nothing has changed there.

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