Instagram is bringing a new feature “Blend”

Instagram bringing new feature
Instagram bringing new feature

If you like to send reels to your friends then Instagram is bringing a new feature “Blend” for you. In this feature you can create a specific feed with you friend and Instagram suggests reels according both of your interest.

People are enjoying Instagram Reels with their friends that’s why Instagram is bringing a new feature Blend. So let us know in detail about this blend feature.

Instagram is bringing a new feature Blend

This feature will create a separate feed of Reels specifically for you and a friend. At present this is an internal testing feature, that is, it has not been made available to common users yet. But it is believed that. Instagram has also not made an official announcement regarding this yet.

This feature was first discovered by a technology expert, Alessandro Paluzzi. It often finds features being developed in social media apps even before they are launched.

She shared a screenshot on X Twitter, which says, “The Blend feature will create a single feed by combining the Reels that you have shared with each other and that you both like to watch.

What is Blend Feature

With the help of Blend feature, you can create a special feed of Reels with a special friend. This feed will be visible only to both of you.

In this, Instagram will create a combination of your choice for you, keeping in mind the reels watching habits of you and your friend and the reels shared by both of you with each other.

That is to say, keeping in mind the reels you like and those you have shared with your friend, Instagram will create a feed for you that both you and your friend will like.

How will the blend feature work?

According to the information revealed so far, the Blend feature will be very similar to Spotify’s “Blend” feature. In this feature of Spotify, two users can create a shared playlist by mixing their favorite songs.

Similarly, in Instagram’s Blend feature, you and your friend can create a shared feed of reels together.

When you invite a friend to join Blend, Instagram will create a personalized feed based on both of your Reels viewing habits and the Reels you’ve shared with each other. This feed will include both reels that you both like or that you have shared with each other.

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